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Coaching Services

Are you a small business looking to improve your footprint?
An organisation that needs actionable plans to be more sustainable? 

With my expertise & award-winning knowledge I’d love to guide you on such a passionate endeavour.

I will help you overcome your professional eco-challenges, & allow you to achieve your business goals.

I cater to your unique needs in order to unlock your full potential.

Start your proactive eco-journey today.

Chatting Over Coffee

Introductory Call

Not sure what coaching is about? No problem!

Schedule a free introductory call with me today. 

We can chat to get to know each other & find out: 

  • why you want to be coached,

  • what coaching is,

  • what coaching isn't &

  • how coaching will work for you. 

It will be open & honest, non-judgemental & fun!

Taking Notes

Sustainable Coaching for Business Managers

Do you feel you’re racking your brain figuring out how to be more sustainable, or just not sure where to even begin?  

I engage closely with you & your organisation to discover areas you can achieve more sustainability while providing the know-how to help you stay eco-friendly in the long term.

Eco-charge your work - let me guide and inspire you to perform better & achieve more.

  • Help your organisation become more sustainable

  • No more guessing games with where to start

  • Actionable plans to get you moving in the right direction

  • Great for business owners, managers and directors

Sessions are arranged according to your schedule & timeframe for the best results.

Arrange a Free Introductory Call now to find out if Sustainable Coaching for Business Managers is right for you.

Image by KOBU Agency

 VIP Sustainable Coaching Service

This personal sustainability coaching service is tailored to your lifestyle at your location of choice.

Whether you feel your team needs some eco-friendly support or you don’t know where to start, I work closely with you & your personnel to realise your vision while being eco-conscious.

An eco-way to be ahead of the game & gain an eco-edge. 

  • Engage with your team so that your lifestyle is more eco-friendly 

  • Help you & your team make better choices that fit your needs

  • Reduce your waste whilst boosting your eco-credentials

  • Perfect for executives, leaders and leading lights.

This bespoke service is arranged according to your specific needs & at the perfect time for you.

Arrange a Free Introductory Call now to find out if the VIP Sustainable Coaching Service is right for you.​

Support Group

Group Coaching Sessions for Businesses

A favourite among many of my clients, they're so much fun! 

A new take on coaching sustainability where you can learn from each other while I guide you with the best practices to enhance your life & the world around you.

Group coaching is a great way to help you find like-minded individuals to inspire you & learn from while developing your own eco-confidence.

  • Become well-versed at handling issues whenever & wherever they arise

  • Meet like-minded individuals on the same journey to inspire you

  • Learn to think more sustainably & find your eco-purpose

  • Great for those who want to share their eco-wins & solve their eco-problems collaboratively.

Group sessions require a minimum of six attendees & can be arranged at a time that suits everyone. 

Arrange a Free Introductory Call now to find out if Group Coaching Sessions are right for you.

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