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Are you

  • concerned about how to make sustainable choices?

  • have difficulty understanding the complexity of sustainability & climate change? or

  • have a lack of time & resources to make impactful changes?

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Hi I'm Annie - a Personal Trainer for your Environmental Impact
Work with me to find your path, plan & action in life or business whilst being kinder to our planet. 

As an Individual -

  • Significantly Lower Your Carbon Footprint

  • Green Your Lifestyle

  • Give you the Tools & Skills to make Better Choices

  • Reduce Your Eco-Anxiety & Increase Eco-Happiness

As a Business Owner -

  • Reach Net Zero Quickly & Easily

  • Create Your Organisation's Eco-Vision

  • Establish New Ways To Engage With Your Customers

  • Develop Sustainable Products & Services

Recent feedback:

"Annie provided a great course on Carbon Literacy for individuals, very well paced and informative. A great space for discussions and learning on how we can all reduce our carbon footprint. Highly recommended."

See my reviews here.

As Featured In:

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Going Green Was So Hard I Hired an ECO-Coach

6 Everyday Habits You Might Not Realize Are Hurting the Environment — and How to Change Them for Good

Apps to help reduce your family’s carbon footprint

About Annie

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Certified Carbon Literacy Trainer

MSc Conservation Biology, Manchester Metropolitan University

BSc Environmental Science, The University of Leeds

Winner of Two Awards


As a child of the 80’s, I’ve always been acutely aware of the fragility of our planet and the impact we have, but also the unique challenges everyone faces with becoming more sustainable.

Let me guide you to eco-success.

Work experiences include:

Director of Conservation Interaction - creating radio programmes sharing best practice & advice

IUCN Red List Assessor for Institute of Zoology at Zoological Society of London - classification of molluscs & lobsters

Consultant for the World Bank - TURP Conference 2018

Business Development Manager for MIATV - Current affairs daily TV programme

Research Officer for Frontier - teaching volunteers fieldwork techniques at a remote bush camp

Current Roles:

Chair, Climate Action Wansbeck

Core Campaign Group Member, Divest Tyne & Wear

Climate Champion for Northumberland County Council (Volunteer Role)

Co-Host People, Planet, Pint Sustainability Professionals Meet Up Events in Newcastle

Carbon Literacy Training for Individuals

Carbon Literacy training is about gaining the knowledge, skills and tools to understand climate change, find out what to do and do something about it.

In over six hours of training (plus some homework) you will come away with 

- two personalised pledges, 

- an action plan to lower your carbon footprint

- a lovely certification in Carbon Literacy  (subject to final assessment)

- the opportunity to become part of a community working together to create a low carbon society.

April 25th, 26th, 27th 2023

10 am - 12 pm

July 3rd, 4th & 5th 2023

10 am - 12 pm

A recent review: Excellent practical advice on how to cut your carbon emissions and be more eco-friendly! It covers a lot of information very concisely. Even areas where most people have some awareness are made more explicit and quantifiable whilst useful comparisons and visualisations are made between different sources of greenhouse gasses.

Carbon Literacy Training for Sole Traders, Freelancers & Entrepreneurs

In seven hours of training (plus some homework) you will come away with 

- two personalised pledges, 

- the tools & knowledge to reduce your impact at work and at home

- how to build your own climate action plan for your business and lifestyle

- a lovely certification in Carbon Literacy  (subject to final assessment)

- the opportunity to become part of a community working together to create a low carbon society.

A recent review: "The course was tailored to smaller businesses / freelancers, but I would generally recommend carbon literacy training to anyone!"

June 13th & 14th 2023

9.30 am - 1 pm

September 18th & 19th 2023

9.30 am - 1 pm

Carbon Literacy for Marketing Professionals

This course is for in-house marketers, agency marketers and freelance marketing professionals. Educate yourself, make yourself more employable and find out how to reduce your business and lifestyle impact on the planet. Learn about the different types of greenwashing, how to avoid them and how to communicate sustainability claims clearly without getting your clients or business into trouble.

You will uncover:

- the basics of climate change science

- what’s already happening globally & locally

- how your actions affect climate change

- the tools & knowledge to reduce your impact at work and at home

- how to identify and avoid greenwashing

- how to calculate the carbon footprint of a marketing campaign

- communication tactics to build engagement around climate and sustainability

- how to build your own climate action plan

Delivered in conjunction with Small Footprint Agency

June 6th & 7th 2023

9.30 am - 1.30 pm

Carbon Literacy Training for SMEs

May 16th & 23rd 2023

10 am - 1.30 pm

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This course is aimed at representatives from SMEs who are looking to increase their awareness of carbon dioxide costs, impacts, and most importantly how to reduce emissions.

We will help you cut through some of the jargon around the Net Zero agenda and give you practical advice on how to begin to measure and reduce your emissions.


The course will enable you to empower your team to take climate action and will also give you the knowledge, skills and confidence to act to reduce your carbon emissions to support your company’s journey to Net Zero.

We recognise that the Climate Crisis is a big and over-whelming topic. We engage participants in a fun and inter-active course that will leave you feeling empowered and inspired to take action.

Delivered in conjunction with Venture Zero.

Carbon Literacy Training
Provided by other Organisations

May 9th & 16th 2023 

9 am - 1 pm

Carbon Literacy for Town and Parish Councils delivered by Save Our Shropshire

This workshop is for Parish or Town Councillors and Clerks who want a practical understanding of what they need to do to tackle the Climate Emergency within their community.

We believe that Parish and Town Councils are the vital focus across Shropshire and the country, which can engage householders in making a difference in the way we can all live well for the planet.

This workshop has been developed based on a toolkit from the Carbon Literacy Project. You will get a certificate that you are “Carbon Literate” if you successfully complete their assessment. This will demonstrate you have the knowledge to organise the response to the Climate Emergency in your parish or town council.

Client Testimonials


“The coaching sessions provided me a chance to make a real behaviour change in a supportive, non-judgmental way. They allowed me to make informed choices that fit with my values and lifestyle. As a result of the coaching my mindset has shifted; change might not be the easiest thing to do but it can be very rewarding!”

Jo K, Conservation Charity Worker

"Previously, the idea of being more sustainable has always been pushed to the back of my mind. Annie's coaching allowed me to create a vision for the future of my company that is achievable, attainable and relevant. Now sustainability sits right in the forefront of my thoughts and flows into every corner of my business."

Simon L, Partner, Code Print

"It's such a relief to have a personalised report which outlines both quick fixes and longer term ideas. It’s also great that the ideas aren’t overly complex or expensive which has been a worry when trying to work my way through such a confusing landscape. We are able to make changes according to our budget and skills and save money too!"

Belinda P., Local Authority Employee

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Coaching Services

Sustainability coaching can benefit individuals and organisations by helping them develop a deeper understanding of sustainability, identify areas for improvement, stay motivated and engaged, and make positive changes that last.

  • Personal growth: my coaching helps individuals develop a deeper understanding of the environmental impact of their actions, & learn how to make better choices in their daily lives.

  • Increased efficiency: my coaching helps individuals & organisations identify areas for improvement & implement more efficient & sustainable practices, reducing their impact on the environment & saving resources.

  • Improved well-being: my coaching helps individuals develop healthier & more fulfilling lifestyles, reducing stress & improving physical and mental health.

  • Increased motivation: my coaching helps individuals stay motivated & engaged in their efforts to live more sustainably, & make positive changes that last.

  • Enhanced reputation: organisations that prioritise sustainability benefit from improved public perception, increased customer loyalty, & a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

With diverse expertise, award-winning knowledge & experience of living an eco-life, I’d love to guide you on such a passionate endeavour.


I will help you overcome your personal & professional eco-challenges, & allow you to achieve your individual eco-life goals.

I cater to your unique needs in order to unlock your full eco-potential.

Start your proactive eco-journey today.

Chatting Over Coffee

Introductory Call

Guidance & Inspiration

Not sure what coaching is about? No problem!

Schedule a free no obligation introductory call with me today. 

We can have a chat to get to know each other & find out: 

  • why you need coaching,

  • what coaching is,

  • what coaching isn't &

  • how coaching will work for you. 

Quickly & Easily Lower Your Carbon Footprint, Reduce Your Waste & Feel Fabulous

1- to-1 Online coaching sessions that provide you with the tools & skills you need to be more eco-confident.

Life throws us many curveballs & situations.

Learn how to take control in a more eco-minded way & employ sustainable practices in your personal life & more!

  • Develop eco-habits that work for your lifestyle

  • Learn how to make better choices to overcome eco-challenges

  • Feel more in control than ever & make headway

  • Perfect for individuals looking for inspirational ways to be truly impactful & protect our planet's future.

Have questions? Book a free no-obligation discovery call where you can find out more:

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Image by KOBU Agency

Redefine Your Purpose: Develop Your Eco-Influence

An in-depth assessment of your lifestyle working with you & your team to lower your environmental impact.

This personal sustainability coaching service is tailored to your lifestyle at your location of choice.

An eco-way to be ahead of the game & gain an eco-edge.

  • Work with your team so that your lifestyle is more eco-friendly 

  • Help you and your team make better choices that fit your needs

  • Reduce your waste whilst boosting your eco-credentials

  • Perfect for executives, leaders and leading lights.

Have questions? Book a free no-obligation discovery call where you can find out more:

Green Your Business: Grow an Eco-Friendly Strategic Advantage

Give your business an edge by creating & executing a sustainable vision for your company.

Do you feel you’re racking your brain figuring out how to be more sustainable, or just not sure where to even begin with such a task?

Supercharge your work - let me guide and inspire you to achieve more.

  • Help your organisation become more sustainable

  • No more guessing games with where to start

  • Actionable plans to get you moving in the right direction

  • Great for business owners, managers and directors

Have questions? Book a free no-obligation discovery call where you can find out more:

Taking Notes
Support Group

Let's Go Green Together!

Share your wins & frustrations with a group of other green minded people in a coach guided session.

A favourite among many of my clients!

Whether you’re looking to find like-minded individuals to inspire you & connect with or if your organisation's teams would like to have group sessions.

  • Become well-versed at handling issues whenever & wherever they arise

  • Meet like-minded individuals on the same journey to inspire you

  • Learn to think more sustainably & find your eco-purpose

  • Great for those who want to share their eco-wins & get lots of solutions to their eco-problems collaboratively.

Have questions? Book a free no-obligation discovery call where you can find out more:

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