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Develop & implement comprehensive sustainability programs

I support business owners & decision-makers who are committed to environmental responsibility in improving their companies. My services enable businesses to become more compliant with environmental regulations, mitigate risks associated with environmental impacts & enhance their reputation as environmentally responsible entities. Through my guidance, businesses can achieve their goals while also driving growth & success.

Enhance your sustainability strategies:

minimise expenses,

optimise profits,

mitigate risks,

formulate innovative plans,

create new products,

win awards,

expand opportunities to attract business & clientele,

define a better business purpose

Coaching & Training

My Services

Coaching Packages

My 1:1 coaching program is specifically designed for business owners who are serious about integrating sustainability into their business strategy, enhancing their brand reputation & driving long-term business success through responsible & ethical practices.

Sustainable Business Quick-Start Consultation

This is designed to provide you with actionable insights & strategies to kickstart your journey towards a more sustainable business model.

What's Included:

  • Initial Assessment: A comprehensive review of your current business practices to identify sustainability opportunities & challenges.

  • Customised Action Plan: Receive a tailored sustainability action plan outlining practical steps & initiatives to implement eco-friendly practices & improve your business's environmental footprint.

  • Expert Guidance: A 90-minute consultation session with me to discuss your goals, address your concerns & provide expert recommendations.

Investment: £299


1:1 Sustainability Business Coaching Program

A comprehensive & personalised coaching experience tailored to meet the unique needs & challenges of business owners like you.

What's Included:

  • In Depth Business Sustainability Assessment: A detailed evaluation of your current business operations, supply chain, & environmental impact to identify areas for improvement & innovation.

  • Customised Coaching Sessions: Six 60-minute one-on-one coaching sessions focused on strategic sustainability planning, eco-friendly business practices, stakeholder engagement, & sustainable growth strategies.

  • Unlimited Email Support: Direct access to me via email for support, guidance & accountability between sessions.

  • Exclusive Resources: Access to premium sustainability resources, tools, & case studies tailored to you to support your journey towards sustainable business excellence.


Investment: £999


Carbon Literacy Training

Carbon Literacy Training

For Sole Traders, Freelancers & Entrepreneurs

Carbon Literacy training is about gaining the knowledge, skills & tools to understand climate change, find out what to do and do something about it.


In over seven hours of training (plus some homework) you will come away with 

- two personalised pledges, 

- the tools & knowledge to reduce your impact at work and at home

- how to build your own climate action plan for your business and lifestyle

- a lovely certification in Carbon Literacy  (subject to final assessment)

- the opportunity to become part of a community working together to create a low carbon society.

A recent review: "The course was tailored to smaller businesses / freelancers, but I would generally recommend carbon literacy training to anyone!"

Carbon Literacy Training

Marketing Professionals

This course is for in-house marketers, agency marketers and freelance marketing professionals. Educate yourself, make yourself more employable and find out how to reduce your business and lifestyle impact on the planet. Learn about the different types of greenwashing, how to avoid them and how to communicate sustainability claims clearly without getting your clients or business into trouble.

You will uncover:

- the basics of climate change science

- what’s already happening globally & locally

- how your actions affect climate change

- the tools & knowledge to reduce your impact at work and at home

- how to identify and avoid greenwashing

- how to calculate the carbon footprint of a marketing campaign

- communication tactics to build engagement around climate and sustainability

- how to build your own climate action plan

Delivered in conjunction with Small Footprint Agency


This course is aimed at representatives from SMEs who are looking to increase their awareness of carbon dioxide costs, impacts, and most importantly how to reduce emissions.

We will help you cut through some of the jargon around the Net Zero agenda and give you practical advice on how to begin to measure and reduce your emissions.


The course will enable you to empower your team to take climate action and will also give you the knowledge, skills and confidence to act to reduce your carbon emissions to support your company’s journey to Net Zero.

We recognise that the Climate Crisis is a big and over-whelming topic. We engage participants in a fun and inter-active course that will leave you feeling empowered and inspired to take action.

Delivered in conjunction with Venture Zero.

Carbon Literacy Training

Five-Steps to Sustainability Success (1).png

Embark on a transformative sustainability journey with me, where we follow five essential steps to achieve lasting change. My coaching process is founded on these pillars, ensuring a comprehensive & effective approach to sustainability.

Together, we'll identify your goals, assess your current practices & develop a tailored action plan.


Through personalised guidance & support, you'll gain clarity, confidence & the necessary tools to navigate sustainability challenges. Enjoy the flexibility of my coaching sessions, tailored to fit your schedule & preferences, making the journey both convenient & enjoyable. 

Experience the benefits of sustainable business practices as you drive positive change & achieve long-term success.

Benefits include:

  • Enhanced brand reputation & differentiation in a competitive market.

  • Improved operational efficiency & cost savings

  • Increased customer loyalty & engagement

  • Mitigated risks associated with regulatory compliance & changing consumer expectations.

  • Access to new market opportunities & attracting environmentally conscious investors.

  • Enhanced employee satisfaction, productivity, & retention through purpose-driven initiatives.

  • Improved stakeholder relationships & community engagement.

  • Future-proofing the business by adapting to evolving sustainability trends.

  • Increased resilience to climate-related disruptions & resource scarcity.

  • Contributing to a more sustainable & equitable future for all.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions Answered

How does Sustainable Life Coaching work?

I provide motivation and encourage you to find ideas, ways of thinking, solutions and methods needed to be sustainable. You are responsible for your own achievements, through action, providing updates and being committed.

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