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These are the businesses that I work with & personally recommend. Do check them out.

Workplace Wellbeing Services - Consciously Connected

We help organisations have a positive impact on their people, planet, and profitability by developing socially and environmentally connected workplaces that impact their triple-bottom line.


Grow your sustainable brand

Knowledgeable, confident and thoughtful marketing strategy for businesses that put people and planet first.


Lighthouse Sustainability offers support and experience to businesses facing today’s sustainability challenges. We work with trusted partners to offer support on all areas of sustainable business, with a specialism in circular business models.


We provide information on sustainable alternatives to single use plastics. We have products available at an affordable price and realistic quantities through a simple to use, mobile-first ordering system and hassle-free delivery for individuals and businesses. Helping us all reduce our impact on the environment one small step at a time.


We are a platform that guides small business owners to net zero through practical tips that build a more resilient and profitable company at the same time. Through accessible pricing, small, actionable steps, and straightforward communication, we make it easy to start the journey to Net Zero and run a successful business.


The 10 day sprint for busy people. Smart stuff. Actionable in minutes. One short video, getting to the nub of it, straight to your inbox each day.


We educate people to take action for the future of our planet. The biggest threat to the survival of people, animals and plants is human behaviour. Education is the process by which human beings understand why and how to change their behaviour.

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