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"Annie has a great coaching style; although she could undoubtedly have  written the plan within a few hours, she encouraged me to work through  each section and to tailor it to exactly meet the needs of my own  business. This not only gave me ownership but also meant that I fully  understood what I was aiming for. She helped me to appreciate the  many things that we had already accomplished within our building yet  recognise new goals for the coming months and years ahead.  The goals Annie helped me set are ambitious yet achievable and have  never felt unrealistic.  


Annie has helped me realise that our vision should extend beyond  merely our own businesses. By ensuring that our ‘green credentials’ are  robust and by making these more visible to anyone coming in contact with our business, we have the ability to encourage others to adopt  more sustainable practice. This is such a powerful tool and a  significant way to achieve our goal to reduce our impact on the planet."

Jane H, Gallery 45, Felton, Northumberland


Client Testimonials


“The coaching sessions provided me a chance to make a real behaviour change in a supportive, non-judgmental way. They allowed me to make informed choices that fit with my values and lifestyle. As a result of the coaching my mindset has shifted; change might not be the easiest thing to do but it can be very rewarding!”

Jo K, Conservation Charity Worker

"Previously, the idea of being more sustainable has always been pushed to the back of my mind. Annie's coaching allowed me to create a vision for the future of my company that is achievable, attainable and relevant. Now sustainability sits right in the forefront of my thoughts and flows into every corner of my business."

Simon L, Partner, Code Print

"It's such a relief to have a personalised report which outlines both quick fixes and longer term ideas. It’s also great that the ideas aren’t overly complex or expensive which has been a worry when trying to work my way through such a confusing landscape. We are able to make changes according to our budget and skills and save money too!"

Belinda P., Local Authority Employee

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Lydia gave me 5 stars

“It was a wonderful doing the Carbon Literacy training with Annie. We learnt such a lot of facts and she inspired us to take the next step or five which we would not have done otherwise. I highly recommend the course and Annie"

Dario gave me 5 stars

"Annie provided a great course on Carbon Literacy for individuals, very well paced and informative. A great space for discussions and learning on how we can all reduce our carbon footprint. Highly recommended."

Ad gave me 5 stars

“The course covers a broad diversity of topics, really engaging the audience not only with informative, factual information, but also actions that are available to us all as sole traders, SMEs and individuals. Well worth it. Well done Annie.”

Collette gave me 5 stars

Annie's coaching is a beautiful blend of inspiration, visioning and pragmatic tips to help you along the journey! I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to learn more and start taking action.

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