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Personalised strategies to cultivate a more sustainable & fulfilling life

Coaching & Training

I help environmentally conscious people like you address their concerns & reduce their impact. My clients transition from feeling overwhelmed & eco-confused to being more confident, less anxious & empowered. As a result they are better equipped to take meaningful action towards environmental sustainability.

Overcome Your Sustainability Challenges:

Understanding Climate Change,

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint,

Expanding Your Climate Shadow,

Cultivating an Eco Mindset,

Minimising Your Plastic Use,

Embracing Zero Waste,

Breaking Your Consumption Addictions

My Services

Carbon Literacy Training

Carbon Literacy Training

For Individuals


Carbon Literacy training is about gaining the knowledge, skills & tools to understand climate change, find out what to do & do something about it.


In six hours of training (plus some homework) you will come away with 

- two personalised pledges, 

- an action plan to lower your carbon footprint

- a lovely certification in Carbon Literacy  (subject to final assessment)

- the opportunity to become part of a community working together to create a low carbon society.


Just £110 per learner

Recent Review: Excellent practical advice on how to cut your carbon emissions and be more eco-friendly! It covers a lot of information very concisely. Even areas where most people have some awareness are made more explicit and quantifiable whilst useful comparisons and visualisations are made between different sources of greenhouse gasses.

Coaching Services

With diverse expertise, award-winning knowledge & experience of living an eco-life I’d love to guide you.


My sustainability coaching helps you develop a deeper understanding of sustainability, identify areas for improvement, stay motivated & engaged, & make positive changes that last. I also helps you develop healthier & more fulfilling lifestyles, reducing stress & improving your physical & mental health.

Start your proactive eco-journey today.

Chatting Over Coffee

Introductory Call

Not sure what coaching is about? No problem!

Schedule a free introductory call with me today. 

We can chat to get to know each other & find out: 

  • why you want to be coached,

  • what coaching is,

  • what coaching isn't &

  • how coaching will work for you. 

It will be open & honest, non-judgemental & fun!

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1-to-1 Sustainable Life Coaching for Private Clients

While being more sustainable without sacrifice can be a tough nut to crack, there’s no need to limit your eco-potential.  ​

Don’t feel like you have to figure everything out on your own. I combine my eco-expertise with a focus on life coaching so you can easily be more sustainable.

Let me guide you in a way that enriches your life to help you live your best life whilst caring for our planet.

  • Develop eco-habits that work for your lifestyle

  • Learn how to make better choices to overcome eco-challenges

  • Feel more in control than ever & make headway

  • Perfect for individuals looking for inspirational ways to be impactful & protect our planet's future.


A course of six sessions is £250 in total.

Additional sessions are priced at £50 per session.

For "How to become a Sustainable Life Coach" sessions £250/hour each

Arrange a Free Introductory Call now to find out if 1-to-1 Sustainable Life Coaching is right for you.

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 VIP Sustainable Coaching Service

This personal sustainability coaching service is tailored to your lifestyle at your location of choice.

Whether you feel your team needs some eco-friendly support or you don’t know where to start, I work closely with you & your personnel to realise your vision while being eco-conscious.

An eco-way to be ahead of the game & gain an eco-edge. 

  • Engage with your team so that your lifestyle is more eco-friendly 

  • Help you & your team make better choices that fit your needs

  • Reduce your waste whilst boosting your eco-credentials

  • Perfect for executives, leaders and leading lights.

This bespoke service is arranged according to your specific needs & at the perfect time for you.

Arrange a Free Introductory Call now to find out if the VIP Sustainable Coaching Service is right for you.​

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions Answered

What is Sustainable Life coaching?

Sustainable life coaching supports you to achieve an environmentally friendly lifestyle, whether this is to manage your carbon footprint, reduce your waste, be an ethical consumer or connect with nature. It is not just concerned with your personal goals, but also how unsustainable lifestyles affect your family, communities and business. Sustainable life coaching unblocks any barriers you have to adopt new behaviour and facilitate a different way of living that is achievable and permanent. It is not a psychological analysis of the past or unravelling personal issues, moreover, it is about making a change in the present.

How does Sustainable Life Coaching work?

Sustainable life coaching will start with describing your perfect world - what does that look like? I will guide you with questions to understand what your current situation is - what is your purpose in life, what are your values, what skills do you have, what do you know already, what is important right now, what is going right and what needs to change? Additionally, the coaching session identifies what you want to achieve, both in the long, medium and short term. 

In subsequent sessions, the goals will be evaluated as to your progress, including what has contributed or hindered the success. We chat about solutions depending on your progress, for example, what can be built on and what can be done differently. Finally, the session wraps up with identifying the next steps, committing to them, determining how success will be measured and the actions that you can do in between sessions.

I provide motivation and encourage you to find ideas, ways of thinking, solutions and methods needed to be sustainable. You are responsible for your own achievements, through action, providing updates and being committed.

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