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Eco Challenge 2021 - One Environmental Change per Day

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

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Here is my list of actions I have taken to be more environmentally friendly:

1. Veganuary

Challenge: To have only plant based meals for the month of January.

Status: Completed.

Why? Adopting a vegan diet reduces your carbon footprint by 1152 kg.

Result: Going forward I will be adopting a flexitarian diet and stick to vegan main meals during the week, allowing wild game meat, white meats or fish on the weekend, and restricting beef to only twice a year.

Easy, Medium or Hard: Medium

Finances: Money saver - generally vegetables and plant based foods are cheaper than meat products.

2. Reduce: Cloud Data

Challenge: To delete unnecessary emails, videos, photos and documents stored on the cloud.

Status: Ongoing

Why? Our internet usage contributes 2% of all carbon emissions, deleting unnecessary cloud storage items will help to reduce this.

Result: I have cleaned up some emails and deleted my icloud storage, however there are still more files to delete!

Easy, Medium or Hard: Easy - the only issue is time otherwise its very easy to do.

Finances: This did not impact on my finances because I don't pay for storage.

3. Eco Air Freshener

Challenge: To replace a spray air freshener for bicarbonate of soda and essential oil in a bottle.

Status: Ongoing

Why? The original air freshener came in an aerosol package and didn't list the ingredients so wanted something more natural.

Result: It's not exactly working brilliantly, I might have to re-visit this one for another homemade option.