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How to have an Eco Friendly Event

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

What happens when you organise a net zero roadshow or exhibition event?

What do you need to consider to ensure that your event doesn’t end up being hypocritical?

Here’s a few ideas of what you need to consider.

The Venue

Where you choose to host your event should align with your values.

Have they committed to any sustainability goals such as net zero emissions?

Have they installed any energy conservation measures such as insulation, low energy lightbulbs, motion sensors, draught excluders etc?

Do they use renewable energy?

What do they do with their trash?

Do they provide low carbon options for guests?

Are they focused on reusable or single use items?

Are they working with their suppliers to ensure they are also sustainable?

What kind of cleaning products do they use?

Are they conserving water?

Do they encourage staff to be more environmentally friendly?

Do they encourage guests to be more environmentally friendly?

If the venue doesn’t match up to your standards for doing as much as possible to be more eco friendly then perhaps you may want to choose a venue that is making more of a difference.


It is really important to think about how your attendees will get to your event. It would be best to have somewhere that is served well by public transport and to encourage your attendees to use this method. If there is nothing suitable within walking distance of good transport links or your guests need to bring equipment, perhaps you can think about offering a shuttle bus service to and from a transport hub.

Alternatively does the venue have a good number of electric vehicle charge points?

Could you ask your guests to carpool?

Could you suggest using an electric vehicle car club just for this event?

We need to be thinking of smarter mobility options and making sure your attendees are also rethinking their choices.


It is very important to consider the catering of your event as food is a big contributor to climate change.

Does the venue serve a low carbon menu?

Does the venue use a catering service that may need to understand what a low carbon meal means?

Is the produce sourced locally?

How does the venue manage their food waste?

Are packed lunches distributed in plastic?

Are water bottles banned and replaced with water fountains or jugs?

The event itself

You are inviting people to your event who should be walking the walk when it comes to sustainability. However you may still want to remind exhibitors of what you expect.

Ensure exhibitors do not have plastic giveaways or competitions of non-sustainable products.

Advise that merchandise such as plastic pens, plastic wrapped sweets, plastic toys, non-recyclable products, business cards that are laminated etc.

Can you recommend marketing suppliers that can provide banners that are made from recycled materials or can be recycled?

Can you suggest ways that exhibitors have very minimal stands that encourage less stuff?

Are there ways of incentivising sustainability and having an award for the most sustainable stand?

It can be a great opportunity for your event to really stand out for the right reasons by having sustainability running through every aspect of it. If you are truly passionate about sustainability then these suggestions should be something you are seriously considering. Otherwise you could damage your brand and business reputation by holding an event that misses the sustainability mark.

If you need assistance with organising a truly sustainable event then contact me for more information.

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