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What is Carbon Literacy Training?

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

In the UK 85% of adults are concerned about climate change. They want to do something to reduce their impact on the planet, protect the Earth for future generations and find ways to make their life at home and at work more climate friendly. However many people are unsure about where to start and what to tackle first and how to do this easily. People also want to have a better understanding of climate science and solutions so they can take action, make better choices and speak more confidently with family, friends and colleagues. So what’s the solution? The answer is Carbon Literacy training.

What is Carbon Literacy?

Carbon Literacy is training that focuses on creating a low carbon culture. It is “An awareness of the carbon costs and impacts of everyday activities and the ability and motivation to reduce emissions on an individual, community and organisational basis.” Put simply, it's understanding what you need to do to reduce climate change, where you can get help to do it, doing it and seeing that you’ve done it. A recent learner summed it up by saying “It’s all common sense really”.

What will the course consist of?

Carbon Literacy training consists of eight hours of learning combining a presentation along with interactive group discussions, videos, quizzes and games plus one hour of home-based activity. Learners are given access to a useful resource folder and pick up lots of shared knowledge from the other participants. All participants receive a workbook so that they can make notes and take away their learnings for further reflection and in addition, suggestions of next steps to help them continue their low carbon journey.

To complete the course participants have to submit group and individual carbon reduction pledges to enable them to become “Carbon Literate” and gain certification. Certification is done independently through the Carbon Literacy Project.

You will uncover:

-The basics of climate change science

-What’s already happening globally & locally

-How your actions affect climate change

-The tools & knowledge to reduce your impact at work and at home

-How to build your own climate action plan for your business and lifestyle

Why choose to be Carbon Literate?

As of January 2023, 50,000 citizens are officially certified as Carbon Literate!

Having started 2022 with 25,000 certified learners, which took nine years to achieve, the figure has grown exponentially, doubling that figure in just over a year.

As a result, over 100,000 actions to cut greenhouse gas emissions have now been pledged across all sectors of society; by individuals, community groups, businesses, local authorities, schools, universities in the UK and worldwide.

Who is Carbon Literacy for?

There are Carbon Literacy Courses for everyone. I have courses for:

  • Individuals

  • Sole Traders, Freelancers & Entrepreneurs

  • Small to Medium Enterprises

In addition, I can help with delivering courses for large corporates and local authorities. If you require a course for a specific audience then contact me and I will let you know what’s available to you.

What are the outcomes?

A Carbon Literate person:

  • understands the essential principles of the Earth’s climate system,

  • knows how to assess scientifically credible information about climate change,

  • confidently communicates about climate change and credible solutions in a meaningful way

  • is able to make informed and responsible decisions with regard to actions that may affect climate change and

  • has a personalised Carbon Literacy certificate!

Why have people attended Carbon Literacy training?

Learners become Carbon Literate because they want to:

  • Confidently reduce their greenhouse gas emissions at home and at work

  • Learn, discover & understand what options there are to apply & share

  • Work in a more sustainable way

  • Reduce climate anxiety

  • Gain a sustainability accreditation

  • Help achieve their company’s net zero goals

  • Build on existing knowledge to communicate to a wider audience

What have my learners said about Carbon Literacy training?

“A great balance of science, theory and action”

“Informative, engaging, useful and allows you to enact change”

“It's a great way to understand the impact of our everyday decisions and actions.”

“Very well presented by a knowledgeable trainer with a range of resources for further study.”

“The course was tailored to smaller businesses/ freelancers but I would generally recommend Carbon Literacy training to anyone!”

“A good place to acquire multiple sources of information from an educated presenter. A solution to a better understanding where the alternative is a soup of self help.”

“I went into this course looking to strengthen my knowledge of climate change and the actions I can take to make a difference. I have left the course with a richer understanding of the causes and impacts of climate change and how I can take action.”

“The course is delivered in bite-sized sessions. It's easy to understand and digest. Extremely accessible to all, regardless of your prior knowledge & wallet. You come away feeling clear about the steps you can take to help tackle this global challenge.”

“Excellent practical advice on how to cut your carbon emissions and be more eco-friendly!”

“Thanks go to Anne-Marie for delivering the content in an easily digestible way (even for me), and then for encouraging me to be ambitious with my pledges. Now, on to achieving them!”

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for Carbon Literacy training today.

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